“Je pense, donc je suis.”


What we focus on and how we think creates our possibilities and defines our potential paths in reality and so it is true that “I think, therefore I am”.

This process of self-actualisation can be both blessing and bane… in my case what came to me was


”I am a coach and therefore I am a wanker.”

My route into coaching was by request. As a business founder and Director, I was self-deprecating, always confused and feeling a little like I was a spectator in my life. I was making the moves but almost by remote, not really feeling in touch with how my world developed around me.

Others saw me as a leader and teacher, asking for me to show them, coach and mentor them. In doing so they asked something more of me than I asked of myself.

In fact, it was the vision of those others, who saw this greater version of me, which I reluctantly embraced. It was the successful mentoring of others, facilitated by self-development and coaching training that led me to myself.

Seriously, I thought coaches were wankers and had no idea.

Within CMC Group (formerly Certatech) and Silver Service Real Estate Group , I saw the opportunity for industry experts to step into their mastery.

As a supporter and driver of these businesses I offer help that facilitates business growth. The result is that the combined businesses in 2017 turn over around $50 million, from their inception in 2006.

I’ve learned that a business is a great crucible. If you can withstand the brazier and the bellows, the flames will transform you into something of stronger mettle.

When I was growing up I was called a rebel.

Now it’s called thinking outside the square. I influence others to create difference and with their request to become more, I help that become reality.

My role is then to propel others like myself towards stepping into their personal power and articulating their true value to the world.

“Your playing small does not serve the world.”

Marianne Williamson

Alister McDonald Marianne Williamson

If we are powerful beyond measure and it is our light that most frightens us, my question to you is:

“What can be done to release your power and let your light burn brighter than any obstacle?”

This is at the core of my connection with others - and I am comfortable to lead you in maximizing our experience on this planet together. This ‘crusade’ means that I am passionate about several causes, including YGap and Polished Man. I am also a shareholder of the Bendigo Bank Community Bank® Kew East.

I have also been privileged to be instrumental in influencing the change in culture through leadership at the South Melbourne District Amateur Football Club.

I love breadth and depth of connection, I want to connect with and serve as many people as I can. I want to connect with you to liberate you from limited thinking and compromised actions.

However, this is not about me, it’s about you.

As a professional coach, creative entrepreneur and SME business mentor, I am focused on you as the individual because the growth in any business is a reflection on who you are.

The more enlightened you are about your true potential, the better your business and your life will be. So we start with you.

If you’ve read this far, let’s connect. Touch base below and let’s find out more about each other.